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Ian Warner
"After trying every diet, the secret to my long-term weight loss finally clicked into place for me, an emotional journey to a 20lbs loss"
Ian Warner
Melissa Gibson
"From leading a sedentary lifestyle and snacking too often, i took control over my diet, lost 27lbs in weight and now compete in Thai Kickboxing"
Melissa Gibson
Alica McGuiness​
"After trying all the usual diets, including the banana diet, i just gave up. A consult with the professionals of Weight-loss.io gave me the wake up call i needed though and 15 lbs later, i am in control of my weight AND diabetes"
Alica McGuiness
Amanda Wells
"I have been overweight my whole adult life, 32 years old now i finally broke the yo-yo cycle and lost over 31 lbs"
Amanda Wells

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✓ Stop letting your body image determine your day and emotions?
✓ Really change your relationship with food?
✓ Learn to appreciate your body, which will make you take better care of it?