Do Blue Zones drink milk?

The diet is mostly plant-based. The daily food intake of people living in Blue Zones is about 95% vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes. They do not eat much meat, dairy, sugary foods or drinks, and processed food

Do Blue Zones eat honey?

In Ikaria, Greece, one of the original blue zones that are home to the world’s longest-living people, many older residents eat honey at least twice a day. They stir it into their coffee in the morning and prior to dinner. Ikarians also use honey to treat everything from the common cold to minor wounds.

Do Blue Zones eat rice?

About 65 percent of the diets in the blue zones is whole grains, beans, and starchy tubers. Grains including oats, barley, brown rice, and ground corn also play a key role in the diet

How many calories do Blue Zones eat?

Even today, their average daily intake is only about 1,900 calories (Sardinians traditionally ate a similarly lean diet of about 2,000 calories a day). Most centenarians in Nicoya, Sardinia, and Okinawa never had the chance to develop the habit of eating processed foods, soda pop, or salty snacks

What do longest living people drink?

How do you lose weight in the Blue Zones?

Can the Blue Zone diet help you lose weight?Limit meat to five times a month.Make your diet 95 to 100 percent plant-based.Reduce your dairy consumption.Eat no more than 28 grams (or seven teaspoons) of added sugar a day.Have no more than three eggs a week.Eat less than three ounces of fish three times a week.Meer items…•

Do Okinawans eat white or brown rice?

It is the longevity capital of the world. Thirty-four people out of every 100,000 live to be 100 years of age or older. Okinawans have a diet that is very high in carbs, soy and white rice, and low in protein and fat.

What kind of wine do blue zones drink?


Do wine drinkers live longer?

Life expectancy was about 5 years longer in men who consumed wine compared with those who did not use alcoholic beverages. Conclusion: Long-term light alcohol intake lowered cardiovascular and all-cause mortality risk and increased life expectancy.


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