How much weight has Eddie Hall dropped?

The British former World’s Strongest Man winner had mocked his rival for losing huge amounts of weight ahead of the clash, and insisted that he would stay at a heavier weight in an effort to retain his power. But after battling an illness towards the end of his training camp, he dropped a considerable 17lb.

How much weight has Eddie Hall lifted?

In March 2016, he achieved a new world record for the Elephant Bar deadlift in the Arnold Strongman Classic, by lifting 465 kg (1,025 lb).

How much weight is Eddie Hall?

164 kgEddy Hall / Gewicht

Who is heavier Thor or Eddie?

Hafthor Bjornsson won boxing’s heaviest ever fight, beating strongman rival Eddie Hall by unanimous decision on Saturday night. The former world’s strongest man winners – who weighed a combined 47 stone for the bout – finally got to settle their rivalry in Dubai in a six-round exhibition that ebbed and flowed.

Is Eddie Hall heavier than Thor?

Bjornsson and Hall weighed in for the event at a combined 600lbs with Bjornsson weighing in 22lb heavier than his rival at 335lb with Hall hitting the scales at 313lbs.

How much weight did Eddie Hall gain in 2017?

1,104 pounds

How much did Thor deadlift?

1,104 pounds

How heavy is Hafthor now?

How much weight can Batman lift?

between 800-1,000 pounds


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