Is Dairy allowed on Bright Line Eating?

Yes, milk is an acceptable beverage. However, milk is to be treated as a protein on the Bright Line Eating® food plan. This means that a full serving of milk will be consumed instead of an alternate protein source such as lentils, yogurt, eggs or chicken.

What is not allowed on Bright Line Eating?

Calling yourself a “bright line eater” means committing to four strict rules and striving to never break them: no eating sugar (including all sweeteners besides fruit) no eating flour (including alternative flours or processed grains) only eat during mealtimes without anything in between

Can you have peanut butter on Bright Line Eating?

The next easy Bright Line Eating® breakfast option is toast and peanut butter. Yes, it can be done if you do it right and follow the guidelines. First, you need to use sprouted grain/flour-free bread (not to be confused with gluten-free bread).3 mei 2019

What is the one plate rule in Bright Line Eating?

Brightline does offer the ‘one plate rule’ as well, which means that instead of weighing your lunch in a restaurant, you are allowed just one plate. It’s almost as if this diet trades one ‘addiction’ for another: eating versus obsessive weighing and measuring

Can you eat potatoes on Bright Line Eating?

Yes love that option! That’s how I eat my potatoes and eggs!!!!!!! Looks delicious! When I do hash browns, I preheat the non-stick waffle iron, spray with olive oil and cook them about 15 min.


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