What cereal is the lowest in calories?

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Kellogg’s Corn Flakes is the lowest calorie cereal per cup….General Mills Chex0.5 grams of fat.1 gram of fiber.2 grams of sugar.2 grams of protein.50 percent DV of folic acid and iron.25 percent DV of zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine.10 percent DV of vitamins A, C and D and calcium.

What type of cereal has the least calories?

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes is the lowest calorie cereal per cup….One serving of Corn Chex also contains:50 percent DV of folic acid.45 percent DV of iron.25 percent DV of zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine.10 percent DV of vitamins A, C and D and calcium.4 percent DV of phosphorous.

What is the healthiest cereal to buy?

The 15 Healthiest Cereals You Can EatEzekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Cereals. … Nature’s Path Organics Superfood Cereals. … Barbara’s Shredded Wheat Cereal. … Arrowhead Mills Spelt Flakes. … Cauliflower “Oatmeal” … DIY Peanut Butter Puffs Cereal. … Love Grown Original Power O’s. … DIY Flax Chia Cereal.Meer items…

Is cereal good for weight loss?

Because cereal tends to be lower in calories and fat than many other traditional breakfast foods, having it for breakfast can help you lose weight.

Is Special K good for weight loss?

One study funded by Kellogg’s Co. Ltd showed that participants on the Special K diet lost between 0 and 13 pounds at the end of two weeks. Some people in the study lost up to 10 percent of their body fat, and the average weight loss was around 3.5 pounds.23 mei 2019

Are Cheerios low calorie?

As you can see, Cheerios are very low in calories and lack protein and fat. For these reasons, they don’t provide a balanced meal on their own. With 1 cup (244 grams) of 2% cow’s milk, you’ll get an extra 122 calories, 8 grams of protein, and a boost of fat, calcium, and vitamin D ( 6 ).26 mei 2020

Is Cheerios good for weight loss?

Calories in Cheerios According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, you must have a 500 calorie deficit each day to lose one pound a week. One cup of Cheerios contains only 100 calories, which may help contribute to weight loss when paired with other low calorie food choices.

What should I eat before bed to burn fat?

Lose weight and sleep great by eating these healthy foods before bed!Whey Protein Shake. First and foremost, protein is important for weight loss – whey protein included! … A Warm Bowl of Oatmeal. … Greek Yogurt with Berries or Cherries. … Half a Turkey Sandwich. … Egg Wrap. … Smoked Salmon Bagel. … Cottage Cheese and Fruit.

Does cereal cause belly fat?

That’s the stuff that will lead to the excess belly fat. Plenty of cereals are high in sugar, yet low in fiber and protein, so soon enough, you’ll feel hungry again. Plus, eating a healthy breakfast every day can help you lose weight quicker


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