What clear soups can you have before a colonoscopy?

While you can have plain, clear chicken soup broth, you can’t have other types of soup products. Avoid cream-based or cheese soups, such as creamof broccoli or potato soup. Along with creamy soups, skip high-fiber tomato or vegetable soups that you can’t see through. Stick to completely clear, plain broth or stock.

Can I have chicken noodle soup the day before colonoscopy?

Remember that no solid food is allowed the day before your procedure or the day of your procedure.

Can you have tomato soup the night before a colonoscopy?

You can still have smooth soups (e.g. tomato, vegetable Bouillon), jelly, ice cream, Ambrosia custard, Complan drinks, Bovril and Oxo drinks, and water, clear juices, fizzy drinks and tea.

What is considered clear soup?

Clear soup is a soup that is made by simmering veggies, & or meat in a liquid until all the flavors are released. These soups are clear and are great for those on a liquid diet. Clear soups are made without the addition of any spices, starch or any other flavoring ingredients.

Is Noodle Soup OK before colonoscopy?

Other foods to choose from: Skinless chicken, turkey, fish or seafood (limit it to 3 ounces at each meal), chicken noodle soup without vegetables (limit to 1 can), cooked/canned vegetables without seeds (limit to ½ cup at each meal and NO CORN), mustard (1 teaspoon per meal), mayonnaise (1 teaspoon per meal), pretzels …

What soups can you eat on a clear liquid diet?

Soupsbouillon.clear broths (beef, chicken, vegetable)strained and pureed vegetable soup.strained meat- or cream-based soups (may contain pureed veggies or meat)

What is clear broth for colonoscopy?

Definition. A clear liquid diet consists of clear liquids — such as water, broth and plain gelatin — that are easily digested and leave no undigested residue in your intestinal tract. Your doctor may prescribe a clear liquid diet before certain medical procedures or if you have certain digestive problems.

Can I strain chicken noodle soup for colonoscopy?

Start your soft diet a couple of days earlier than recommended. The day before the prep, you can only have clear liquids or foods like Popsicles, Jello, clear coffee or tea and chicken broth. One patient says she strains out the chicken and noodles from chicken noodle soup, which results in a better-tasting broth.

Which kind of thin soup is also known as clear soup?

What are the two categories of clear soups?

Types of Clear SoupBasic Broths. Broth differs from stock in that it can be used either by itself or as a base for both clear soups and thick soups. … Consomme Soups. Consomme soups are the sophisticated cousins to basic broth soups. … Noodle Soups. … Consomme-Based Clear Soups. … Delicate Clear Soups. … “Hospital” Soups.

Is chicken stock a clear broth?

Clear soups and broths like vegetable, beef and chicken broth or bouillon. Clear nutrition or protein drinks like Ensure Clear, per UVA Health.

Is egg drop soup considered a clear liquid?

Your at-home clear liquid diet may include: You can add in a beaten egg white or Eggbeaters to boiling broth for a healthy “egg drop” soup. 100% clear fruit juice (apple, cranberry, grape) diluted with water (2 ounces of juice to 2 ounces of water) Sugar-free Jello.


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