What do doctors say about the DASH diet?

The right foods can lower your blood pressure. Your doctor may recommend the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet to lower your blood pressure and your LDL (bad cholesterol). The DASH diet promotes a balanced diet and portion control.

Would you recommend the DASH diet?

Studies have shown that the DASH diet can lower blood pressure in as little as two weeks. The diet can also lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad”) cholesterol levels in the blood. High blood pressure and high LDL cholesterol levels are two major risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

How successful is the DASH diet?

Further studies have found that adherence to the DASH diet lowered total and LDL cholesterol, reduced the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke even throughout several years of follow-up, and reduced bone turnover, improving bone health

Is the DASH diet realistic?

In the recent U.S. News 2020 rankings of 35 diets, DASH Diet was named among the best eating plans, including: #1 in Best Diets for Healthy Eating (tie) #2 in Best Diets Overall (tie) #2 in Best Diabetes Diets (tie)

Who is the DASH diet not recommended for?

Caution should be exercised before initiating the DASH diet in patients with chronic kidney disease, chronic liver disease, and those who are prescribed renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system antagonist, but these conditions are not strict contraindications to DASH.

Who should use the DASH diet?

What Is the DASH Diet? Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, or DASH, is a diet recommended for people who want to prevent or treat hypertension — also known as high blood pressure — and reduce their risk of heart disease. The DASH diet focuses on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats.

Which is better DASH or Mediterranean diet?

In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranked the Mediterranean diet as the easiest diet to follow as well as the healthiest. The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet ranked second as the best overall diet

How long does it take the DASH diet to work?

2 weeks

Which diet is the healthiest?

This dietary approach is a nutritious, balanced, and sustainable eating plan that can improve a number of health parameters, including hypertension, insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia, and overweight/obesity.

Is the DASH diet sustainable?

This dietary approach is a nutritious, balanced, and sustainable eating plan that can improve a number of health parameters, including hypertension, insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia, and overweight/obesity.

Is DASH diet good for high cholesterol?

Why does the DASH diet work?

How it Works. The DASH diet helps you eat nutritious foods. This is not just a traditional low-salt diet. The DASH diet emphasizes foods high in calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and fiber, which, when combined, help lower blood pressure.

How does the Mediterranean diet differ from the DASH diet?

The main difference between the Mediterranean diet and the original DASH diet research is the higher amount of heart healthy fat. And, if you want to make room for red wine, take care to avoid adding extra calories.

Is the DASH diet hard to follow?

Research also shows the DASH plan is safe and effective for short-term and permanent weight loss. The best news is the DASH diet is easy to follow because it does not restrict entire food groups. Because the plan focuses on fresh fruits and veggies, controlling your calories is easier, too.

Does the DASH diet require exercise?

The DASH diet plan emphasizes high intakes of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products, as well as increased potassium and reduced sodium intake. Participants in the DASH diet group were asked not to exercise.


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