GLOW Foods contain the Vegetables and the Fruits Group foods that supply the body with vitamins and minerals to keep the body healthy and functioning properly. Children learn that GLOW foods…”make my hair shine and eyes sparkle.”

What are examples of glow foods?

All foods have some vitamins and minerals, but fruits and vegetables are especially good GLOW foods. Eating fruits and vegetables of many colours is an easy way to get what we need. For example: mango, banana, papaya, oranges, green leafy vegetables, okra, cauliflower and pumpkin are all high in vitamins and minerals.

What is glow food for kids?

For simplicity and easy understanding for preschool children, all fruits and vegetables are categorised as GLOW foods due to their rich vitamin content needed for GLOWING bodies.

What is go grow and glow foods means?

Go Foods gives you energy to play, skip and run. Grow foods provides your body with what it needs to build and repair body tissues. While Glow foods helps your body to fight diseases and makes your body look beautiful and healthy. Some Go foods are bread ,butter,rice.

Why should we eat glow foods?

Glow foods (vitamins and minerals) Glow foods contain vitamins and minerals, which help the body fight infection and keep the eyes, skin and bones healthy and strong. Vitamins and minerals are known as micronutrients because they are very small. Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals.

Is chicken go grow or glow?

“Grow” foods build the body — proteins like milk, eggs, legumes, fish, and chicken. “Glow” foods — fruits and green leafy vegetables, rich in Vitamin A — help protect the body from disease.

Is onion glow food?

Glow Foods: These are our sources of vitamins and minerals. They help prevent disease. Examples of glow foods would include fruits and vegetables.

Is Strawberry a glow food?

Glow Foods: These are our sources of vitamins and minerals. They help prevent disease. Examples of glow foods would include fruits and vegetables.

Is noodles go grow or glow?

Is hotdog a go food?

Go for variety of Go, Grow, Glow food Barbeque, hotdogs, adobo and a hefty serving of rice are the usual outing food selections. However, it is always wise to complete your Go (Carbohydrates), Grow (Proteins) and Glow (Vegetables and Fruits) food

Is potato a glow food?

Rice, bread, pasta, oatmeal, and other grains. Sweet potato, potato, and other starchy vegetables. Foods that are naturally sweet like sugarcane, honey, and sweet corn. Good fats from coconut oil, avocado, and a wide variety of nuts.

What is a go food?

Go Foods: Are grains or starchy foods like bread, rice, pasta, or oats. Are high in carbohydrates. Give our body energy to do things like run and play.


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