What is energy giving food for Class 3?

There are three types of food. i) Energy- giving food:- Rice, Sugar ii) Body- building food :- Cheese, pulses iii) Protective food:- Green leafy vegetables and fruits Q: 2How is cooking useful?

What is the energy giving food?

-Fats and carbohydrates both provide energy and are therefore called energy giving foods. -Complex carbohydrates such as high-fiber cereals, whole-grain bread and pasta, dried beans, and starchy vegetables are the best type of foods for prolonged energy because they are digested at a slow, consistent rate.

What is energy giving?

energy-giving in British English (ˈɛnədʒɪˌɡɪvɪŋ ) adjective. containing ingredients designed to boost the eater’s or drinker’s energy, esp before, during, or after exercise.

What is energy giving food Class 6?

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are also called energy giving food. It is the main sources of energy. It is made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Which is not energy giving food?

The answer is raw potato


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