Why did Alex gain weight in Modern Family?

Winter explained that her weight gain in high school was due to antidepressants that she had been taking. “I gained 30 pounds (14kg). It was rough going to school. It was rough online,” she said

Why does Alex look different in Modern Family?

Ariel Winter, now 21, has been on the show since it began and it’s been a roller coaster for her on-and-off-screen. She hasn’t had the same health complications as her on-screen sister Sarah Hyland, but she explained that medications she was taking affected her weight as well as her mental health

Why is Alex so skinny in Modern Family?

When Alex Winter changed up her antidepressant medication, the switch caused the actress to lose thirty pounds.

Why did Ariel Winter leave Modern Family?

Ariel Winter has revealed that she decided to move away from Los Angeles because of the toll paparazzi interest was taking on her life. The actor, who rose to fame on the hit sitcom Modern Family, said that she “hated” living in LA, in large part due to the media attention.12 mei 2022

How heavy is Sarah Hyland?

She decided to reveal her exact weight: 87.3 pounds.

How old was Ariel Winter in Modern Family Season 1?



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