Why did Greek Stop streaming?

“I’m done with streaming for a while because it’s summer. I’m not going to sit inside and waste my life streaming,” said Greek. “I’ll be back in a month or two. But I’ll keep everyone updated here.

Why is Greekgodx blocked?

This is Greekgodx’s second ban. In September, his account was suspended when he made transphobic comments. The UK streamer ranted about websites that had “other” as a gender option, calling the platforms “cucks” for including the selection. Greekgodx will most likely be back on Twitch in two weeks or less.

Why is Greekgodx banned from LSF?

Greekgodx has since apologised on Twitter and said that he was joking: Got banned for a silly comment about gender i just wanted to say it was a joke and i’m really sorry to anyone i offended. i didn’t mean to be hurtful or hateful. ill update u guys on how long the ban is for when i can.

Why did Greekgodx leave America?

The British streamer eluded to that kind of attitude being, partially, a driving factor to him leaving Texas and returning home. “You’ll see Mizkif’s title with ‘drama this’ and ‘drama that’, it’s like they try and make drama out of everything. It’s not that deep, it really isn’t that deep. That’s pretty much it.

Why is Greekgodx hated?

Opinion is split on Greekgodx’s rant, with people both sharing his sentiments and calling him out for alleged hypocrisy. Greekgodx has been on bad terms with the Texas group of streamers for quite a while, even shading Mizkif on Twitter during the controversy surrounding him, Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon and HAChubby.

What did GreekGodx do?

GreekGodx made headlines on July 27 after slamming Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollonand and Mizkif following their drama with a waiter during an IRL stream that resulted in him getting called racist for allegedly getting annoyed at HAchubby.

Does Greece still stream?

Where is Greekgodx from? He was born in England, the United Kingdom, on Oct. He did a lot of fishing and hunting while growing up.

Is Greekgodx actually Greek?

Where is Greekgodx from? He was born in England, the United Kingdom, on Oct. He did a lot of fishing and hunting while growing up.

How much is Greekgodx worth?

Is GreekGodx still in TSM?

Greekgodx joined popular esports organization TSM back in 2020 after an explosion on his Twitch channel throughout 2019, but now he’s parting ways with the team after a successful two years. The British streamer has 1.5 million followers on Twitch, a number accrued since he first started over a decade ago in 2011.


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