Why did Greekgodx lose weight?

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Greek’s diet had helped him shed major pounds, bringing the streamer down from 369 pounds to 299 pounds in a year-long period. “I am officially a part of the under 300 lb club, and it feels too god damn good baby,” Greek Tweeted of his weight loss shortly thereafter.

What did Greek god do to lose weight?

Greekgodx’s weight loss success Greek’s diet had helped him shed major pounds, bringing the streamer down from 369 pounds to 299 pounds in a year-long period.

Is Greekgodx still fat?

Greek Proudly Shows Off The Excessive Loose Skin From His Massive Weight Loss. Greekgodx went from 370 pounds to around 200, and it’s left him with a lot of excess skin that he’s proud to show off on Twitch.

What did Greekgodx do?

GreekGodx made headlines on July 27 after slamming Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollonand and Mizkif following their drama with a waiter during an IRL stream that resulted in him getting called racist for allegedly getting annoyed at HAchubby.

Are Greekgodx and Tyler1 friends?

Tyler1 and Greekgodx have both been friends for years on Twitch, with the latter initially gaining notoriety by moderating Tyler1’s streams in the past and featuring in some of his content.

How tall is Greekgodx?

5 ft.8

Is Greekgodx actually Greek?

Where is Greekgodx from? He was born in England, the United Kingdom, on Oct. He did a lot of fishing and hunting while growing up.

Why did Greek quit streaming?

“I’m done with streaming for a while because it’s summer. I’m not going to sit inside and waste my life streaming,” said Greek. “I’ll be back in a month or two. But I’ll keep everyone updated here.

What ethnicity is Greekgodx?


Does Tyler still play with Greek?


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