Will fasting really help me lose weight?

Honestly, if your goal is to lose weight, you have probably tried many different ways to lose that ugly extra weight. However, being human, conventional methods often do not work. Reducing calorie intake, increasing exercise and improving physical performance is not a “sexy” way to lose weight.

If you turn on the TV, you will see commercials introducing the next diet. These images make it difficult for us to avoid the “miracle” shortcuts and use more traditional methods to control our weight. With this in mind, we need to consider that it is better to control our weight using traditional methods rather than just fancy presentations. Instead of “losing weight” with the latest diet supplements, how about losing weight through fasting?

According to a study presented by Utah researchers at the American Heart Association conference, fasting may reduce the risk of heart disease. More information may be needed to determine whether fasting has a positive impact on heart health, but it is not surprising that with proper dietary management, the average person can lose weight through fasting.

Fasting has a long, long history. As mentioned earlier, fasting is not a sexy way to lose weight, but it is definitely a very effective method for many people. As a matter of fact, as far as I know, no great supplement or miracle pill seems to be more effective in reducing calorie intake than simply reducing the amount of food you eat by taking control of your diet and eating plan.

Although it is difficult for some people to drastically reduce the amount of food they eat, they can still succeed in fasting dieting by skipping meals on a pre-planned schedule. For example, instead of reducing the caloric intake of all meals, you can skip a meal every other day. It is possible to do a fasting diet in this way. The reason is that some dieters find it more psychologically advantageous than reducing the amount of food they eat each time.

If you are fasting to lose weight, consult a medical professional first to make sure that your basic dietary needs are being met and that you are losing weight in a safe and healthy way. A well-planned diet, with the input of an experienced medical professional, will help you lose weight effectively while protecting your fitness and health. Proper nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and making major changes in your diet is not possible without expert advice.


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