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WW (formerly Weight Watchers) is an American weight loss program. In the “myWW” weight loss program, you get a certain number of points for what you eat and drink. Depending on the type of food and whether you are on the Green Plan, Blue Plan, or Purple Plan, these can be “zero points” or “smart points”.

The Camrbidge diet has six variations of the plan that take you from the beginning where you’re heavily restricted, to a maintenance plan. Keep in mind this diet isn’t for the faint of heart and will require strict discipline to keep at it. It may come with health issues too, more on that in the link below.

How to eat well and be more Healthy

McDougall Diet Sample Menu

70-80% from complex carbohydrates, 12% protein, and 8% fat

Sample Meal Plan for Mucusless diet

Gradually begin a transition into the diet

Sample Pegan Diet plan

Promotes healthy mood balance, cognitive support, and antioxidants

Freedom of Nutrition

We would love to help you have a better relationship with food. Because of our own past with eating disorders, we know what it's like to live in shame. Secretly stuffing yourself with food, compensating or vomiting yourself to feel "better. We know. There is a way out and there is a solution to get out of the spell of food. A better relationship with food starts with a better relationship with yourself.

Nutrition is often a way out of a much bigger problem that needs to be addressed. We are not standard fitness coaches who only coach on your nutrition and training. We coach on behavior.

We let you see what the problem is and during our coaching we give you the necessary tips and tools to change it. These tools we have learned from various courses and textbooks but we have also applied in practice. Because we believe that you too can enjoy the food there is and that you too can make that change.

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✓ Get fit
✓ Eat foods you like
✓ Feel energized
✓ Sustainable Change

Ricky Frissen
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Our nutrition professionals offer you a permanent follow-up with the use of Nutrium to help you achieve your goals, with:

Manage your practice online

A customized meal plan

Work from anywhere and keep all your data safe with our electronic health records and telehealth features

Go paperless with our mobile app

Personalized follow-ups

Our mobile app sends all your recommendations and checks to move towards your goals

Have time for what's important

Have time for what's important

Monitoring of your diet, physical activity and progress

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Pritkin diet ins and outs

The Pritikin Principle Diet Plan is one of the few diet plans backed by science. The diet mainly focuses on lower-calorie foods.

What is the rice diet?

The diet consists of three phases. Phase one lasts for one week. On the first day, you start the diet, you only eat rice and fruit.

Experience Superfoods

Superfoods have become a buzzword and people may get confused when they see the superfood label on dozens of foods.

What is a liquid diet?

Liquid diets want to provide aqueduct nutrition but in the form of liquids over solid foods

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✓ Really change your relationship with food?
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